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Joplin & Sweeney Music was a teaching studio in Los Gatos, California, as well as a nearly dormant record label
with a handful of albums by some of our friends and relatives. The business was opened in 1979 when Neil Hogan and Greg Burger started teaching together in a building that had been part of the old Greyhound bus station. This back-alley garage on Victory Lane had been known around town as the Bus Barn.

A few years later they moved across the main drag, Santa Cruz Avenue, to the last location on a front-alley street, Village Lane, the very same street where Neil had taken guitar lessons when he was 10 years old. Greg has since moved to Juneau, Alaska, where he and his wife, Mary continue to teach music. Neil now runs his own teaching business at home, just a couple miles away, as well as being a driving force behind TotallyGuitars, his online teaching site.

We are now able to offer our CDs as mp3 downloads for $9.95 per album and many of Neil's guitar arrangements in TAB and standard notation for a small amount each. All of the mp3 files are in CD quality (320kbps in techie talk). Everything we have is available at TotallyGuitars currently, and hope to add more soon.

Joplin & Sweeney Music was a great 30+ years...


Neil's lessons are now available on the web at
Check out his online acoustic guitar lessons!