1. La Romanesca

F. Sor 3:22

2. Prima Careza

C. Crescenzo 3:55

3. Ecos De Amor

H.I. Garcia 3:03

4. A Time For Us

N. Rota 2:22
  5. Prelude (La Catedral)
A. Barrios 2:13
  6. Vals, Op. 34, No.2
F. Chopin 6:01
  7. La Paloma S. Yradier 4:17
  8. Serenata Española
J. Malats 4:32
  9. Mazurka-Choro
H. Villa-Lobos 3:52
  10. Tango
F. Tarrega 4:12
  11. Romance
R. Bartoli 4:03
  12. Andantino Variato
N. Paganini 6:46
  13. Greensleeves
Trad. 3:01


Hector Ivan Garcia

Ecos De Amor

JS 104
Total Playing Time: 51:39

The guitar has been a favorite of romanticists throughout its history. Today the persuasive intimacy of its beautiful tonal palette fans the spark of love in most cultures around the world. In South America the instrument is played with a special ardor and it is that feeling that Hector captures on this album of romantic music.

The beautiful pieces he has selected for this recording reveal his intensely passionate nature and provide the listener with a moving and mesmerizing experience.

J. W. Olver for Art First!

"The title of his second release alludes to the romantic nature of the material. If at first the concept seems a little less interesting than his first release (Ecos del Ande, a collection of traditional folk music and dances of South America), even a cursory listen to these love songs dispels any doubts as to the quality of the material and arrangements."

Paul Comeau, Dirty Linen