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El Dorado is Neil's 6th album and 3rd of original compositions. There are many of the usual influences- ragtime and blues for example, with a few additional influences- slack key, a little country, and a little more classical than in the past.

Original liner notes.

1 Quicksand
2 Augie's Friends
3 El Dorado
4 Paprika
5 Yesterday's Blues
6 The Kamuela Cowboy
7 Sleight Of Hand
8 Rosa May
9 Tickle Me
10 Highway Robbery
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My compositional frenzy continued through 2001 (much to the dismay of my family) and I put the finishing touches on El Dorado in the fall of 2002. I tend to get a little obsessed with projects from time to time and most of my other responsibilities kind of get ignored.

As I worked on some of these pieces I occassionally had to write what might be considered some high-maintenance areas- tremolo for example in Highway Robbery. I tried to balance that with melodic simplicity in other songs- Rosa May for example.

I think El Dorado is the most varied set of pieces I have ever put together. They range from easily accessible to a bit more challenging. Nani still tells me to stop anytime I start playing Augie's Friends. Although there are earlier pieces that evoke the same reaction.