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February 11, 2010 Update~
Back on the case. We have brought some new teachers into the store recently and have a crew ready to bring life back into the website. The first big piece of news is that we have Muriel Anderson coming in for a workshop on March 9. We have also finally redecorated the store recently, although it is really more of a renovation or even makeover, courtesy of oue new piano teacher Heather Morris. Come by and check it out when you can.

January 5, 2009 Update~
It has been a busy week as I did finally get the time to put some work into this site. The downloads seem to be working and we now have mp3 samples of most of the tunes available. Clicking on a hyperlinked song title (in the list of songs found on each album's page) will bring up a new window where you can listen to a 30-60 second excerpt. I have most of my original pieces available as well as a rotating set of the other songs. OK, back to shooting video lessons!

January 1, 2009 Update~
Welcome to the New Year! One of my plans for the immediate future is to get all our music available as mp3 downloads. If all goes well this will be in place in a few days. I am also very excited about the changes we are working on at TotallyGuitars. In a couple of months there will be dozens of comprehensive lessons available to guitar players around the world.

November 2008 Update~
I am going to have to start updating these pages a little more frequently but here's what's been happening recently. I am heavily involved in a project getting guitar lessons online with a team of engineers and marketers. Check it out when you can. We are at TotallyGuitars and I am shooting video lessons and posting TAB online to try to reach as many guitar players as we can. Be sure to check the Blog there for the latest information. More details very soon, I promise.

October 2007 Update~
We have finally gotten around to making CD-R copies of a couple of out-of print discs. Neil's 1st album, A Christmas Collection, and Hector Garcia's 1st album, Ecos Del Ande are now available.

July 2006 Update~
Neil has been a little pre-occupied with softball and his kids for the last few years and is having trouble putting much time into guitar playing. Hopefully these things will be balanced better soon. Until then, the latest on Elizabeth's health can be found here:
Lizzie's Story.